Shree Monster

Once again for funz XD
Part 1

Knowing they had to prepare for what was going to happen next, the couple quickly made their way backwards into a retreat, Calhoun adjusting the settings on her blaster all the while muttering harshly under her breath, Felix catching a snatch of self-scolding as she broke into a run through the candy forest.

However fast the two were moving, it was proving to not be fast enough.  A massive impact dented deeply into the soft candy ground, as enormous tangle of hard candy shell and pointed limps dropped from the sky so close in front of the couple that they were forced to stagger backwards.

Their breath caught in their lungs as the shell unfurled, allowing a long curving neck to arch over them, while King Candy’s face grinned at them with pointed teeth.

King Candybug: Leaving already?

Calhoun didn’t hesitate for even a second to pull her gun up and start firing on the candy bug, only to find her bullets hitting empty ground as the cybug scurried out of the way with a speed even Calhoun was surprised by.

King Candybug: AHH HAHAHA!

A sharp limb came from behind; high enough to glide just over Felix’s head, but just right to hit Calhoun square in the back, sending the Sargent into the trees.

Felix: TAMMY!

He barely had time to watch her crumple to the ground as she crashed through several trees before the shower of pointed limbs came for him.
King Candybug found that Felix was quick though, unlike Calhoun he was able to bounce about, avoiding the falling dangers of his candy legs.  

King Candybug: HAA HAA HAA you know you can’t keep this up forever FIT-IT!

The colossal bug cackled again as one of his claws managed to catch Felix’s leg, and the little man toppled to the ground-

08 -
With Felix thrown to the sticky ground, and a gleefully snickering Cybug King Candy clocking his legs in an excited dance behind him, Felix looked up to find Calhoun laying a few feet away from him, to his horror he could see that she wasn’t moving.

Felix: Tammy!

King Candybug just giggling sinisterly as Felix scrambled to his feet and rushed to Calhoun. The long candy looped neck snaking down lower as he watched the tiny repair man, try and rouse his wife.

Felix: Tammy- Tammy, wake up, Oh please still have some HP left. It’s okay; just hold on Tamora, I can fix it.

10 -
Gently touching her shoulder, he moved her out from the tangled position she had fallen in, gently brushing her hair away from her face as she tried to find the problem. He reached to his side, gripping his hammer harder then he meant too, he carefully lifted it up, stopping abruptly when the sound of many heavy legs, and a soft hissing approached him from behind.

King Candybug: You might want to think twi’th about that, Fix-it.

11 -
Whipping around, Feeling took a defensive stance between Calhoun and the threat he knew he would stand no chance against.

~ To be continued.

How is Felix going to stand up against such impossible odds?

I’ll figure it out… Tomorrow 8D

ilu Furinchime!

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